Villa Tilli is located in:
Castelfiorentino (Firenze), Via Agostino Gallini 6.
GPS : Lat: 43.598301 | Lon: 10.9531
If you arrive from Empoli/Pisa or Firenze through the FI-PI-LI road, take the SR429 for Castelfiorentino. Before you arrive in the town, take the rotatory first exit to your right up to a second rotatory. There take the second exit (in front of you) and go straight until the semaphore. At semaphore turn RIGHT and follow the road. You will pass the LidL supermarket and Brico on your right, then the road starts to go uphill. Pass 2 slight bends, then a hairpin bend. After the hairping bend the road arrives at the top of the hill and starts to go downhill: before this, there is a small road on the right: that's Via Gallini! We are 100 meters down the road, on the right, a big red Villa surrounded by a park.

If you come from Firenze-Montespertoli (hills road), just turn right when you are atop Castelfiorentino and again right until you get to the first rotatory in the description above: take the third exit (the one on your left when you first arrive) and follow the above directions.

If you come from Siena/Certaldo, turn left (second exit) at the Pesciola rotatory to go on Via Niccolò Macchiavelli, go straight until you get to the semaphore in the above description, then turn left and follow the above directions.